Image by Samuel Branch


Supporting Small Business

Everyday Americans pursue their dream of starting their own business to provide for their family and bring opportunities to their communities.  The past two years we have seen businesses closed and communities weakened by the government picking winners and losers. The solutions lie in less government not more. Expansion of the Government’s role in our economy erodes small business opportunities and tips this scale towards Wall Street and not Main Street. May will get government out of the way so our American spirit of starting and running a business can be restored to breathe life back into our communities.

Public Safety

I believe we must have good common-sense laws to live in a well ordered and safe society and we must support our law enforcement.  We must also ensure law enforcement is properly trained and have the proper background so they can equitably enforce laws.

Inflation and Government Spending

Skyrocketing fuel and food prices are the direct result of Washington printing money to counter bad policy. As your Congresswoman, May will put an end to reckless decisions being made in Washington. She will work to grow real wealth in working class homes by expanding opportunity and education and stop politicians from experimenting with social agendas that weaken our economy.

Border Security

A nation without borders cannot truly be a nation at all.  We want to encourage people seeking a better life to come to America and celebrate the values of hard work, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. As a refugee and immigrant to this great nation, May is proud of her citizenship, and she works every day to honor it. Sadly, she sees all too often in our communities and schools the impact that open borders have on families as illegal drugs pour into our communities. We need to secure our borders to end the degradation of our cities, streets, and neighborhoods. We want to honor those who want to become a part of the American story by ensuring we have a system that works to meet the needs of our nation and the values we hold.


May believes in the quality of a good education. However, education does not equal indoctrination. Education must give our children the skills they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century in an era of constant change. Education is here to prepare the next generation so we can keep America great. It is not here to serve the needs of any specific constituencies. She will put policy into effect that will strengthen our education system that will empower teachers but must be focusing on the needs of the children and give parents real choices.